What finish to choose

Framed prints:

Our framed prints are a great way to design your home. Our custom frames are made from quality archival products to protect your artworks and precious items. Our state of the art frames are custom made from engineered, sustainably sourced plantation timber.

Acrylic Facemount Print:

Acrylic mounted pictures create a big impression on your walls and the acrylic panel helps to enhance the photo by providing a super glossy finish. Modern, minimal and sleek - clean lines and cool fixings create a unique visual impact. Acrylic prints are robust and easy to clean, making them perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and other public places, and especially your home walls.

What size to choose

60 x 40cm to 90 x 60 cm is generally suitable for walls in studyhallway, staircase, or combination of 2 – 3 frames in sitting room above sofa.

112 x 75cm  is suitable for walls above beds, sofas, office desk, common areas

120 x 80 cm is suitable for walls above beds, offices, sitting area above sofa, family room, long or wide staircases wall.

Framing options to choose

All our premium frames in black, white and oak style are perfect for any style of home design. Right frame colour can be used to create contrast or complement a place. When choosing a frame colour for your landscape, please consider both the work and the space.  White image is suitable for light and bright image whereas black image is suitable dark landscape image.

Guide to choosing frame Colour

White framing: Light, neutral spaces are best suited to natural or white frames.

Black framing: Black frame can match almost any style or décor. Black is a powerful and distinctive colour so when it comes to interior design, black works well as a strategic design accent.

Raw Oak framing matches place with wooden floor laminations and any wood furniture.

How are the frames shipped?

The frame is bubble wrapped and shipped in custom made, double wall cardboard packaging delivered by a courier.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order has been processed, we will send you an email with the tracking number and courier service used.

Can I change my address after purchasing?

As long as your order is still in process we can change your delivery address for you. Please contact us with your order number and updated address and

What type of paper do you print on

Semi-Gloss (Luster) Ilford GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm, Industry standard, professional photographic paper, partial gloss and reflection of light

Can I cancel or change my order?

Please note, we do not accept returns or change of mind as our product is custom made. Please carefully review your cart before purchasing

What if I nobody is at home when my order arrives

Courier will leave the product in front of your door in a safe manner or ask you to pickup in Australia post depending on the situation.

I received my item damaged/defective, what are my options

Please keep the damaged or defective goods and the packaging as they may need to be collected by the courier for an insurance assessment.

From there our team will work to rectify any damages or defects that are apparent. 

Please see our coverage below

Minor Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with minor damage we will offer you a free repair or replacement for the damaged component(s). 

Major Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with major damage we will offer you a full replacement of the damaged item or you may request a full refund. 

Glass Damage/Defect

If the only component that has been damaged is the glass, we will offer a free upgrade to a sheet of acrylic plexiglass as a replacement, as glass cannot be shipped alone.

Alternatively we can refund the price paid for the glass component and you can source a sheet locally, please note that we can only refund our price charged for the glass and cannot cover the difference in price for local replacements.