Acrylic Facemount Guide

Acrylic Facemount Print

Dispatched within 4-5 business days

Acrylic mounted pictures create a big impression on your walls and the acrylic panel helps to enhance the photo by providing a super glossy finish. Modern, minimal and sleek - clean lines and cool fixings create a unique visual impact. Acrylic prints are robust and easy to clean, making them perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and other public places, and especially your home walls.

acrylic facemount metallic print

This is one of the most popular hanging systems which looks elegant in any home. The metallic print is mounted to the back of a UV resistant acrylic glass sheet, creating an airtight bond and letting you view the image through a crystal-clear glossy surface.

Acrylic Size Chart

80 x 120 cm/ 31.5 x 47.2 inch

75 x 100 cm/ 29.5 x 39.4 inch

60 x 90 cm/ 24 x 36 inch

 50 x 75 cm/ 20 x 30 inch

 40 x 60 cm/16 x 24 inch




Pictures size chart